Surveying and Polling

Live Answering Service Surveys and Polls
Our Virtual Receptionists are trained to handle both inbound and outbound surveys and polls. By choosing BES, you can be sure that your goals are met from the start! An Account Executive will work with you from the beginning to ensure your vision is met, and will help you set up the information you would like our associates to gather.
There are several options in sending you your results. Email and text messaging are commonly used by our clients to receive their messages. These can also be encrypted using our Secure Messaging feature, which is a great solution for any clients who may receive confidential information in their messages. This feature is commonly used by small businesses which handle sensitive information. We can help you ensure your  client’s information remains safely confidential with this solution!
By allowing us to handle your surveying and polling needs, you save money you would otherwise spend to hire staff, and it frees up your existing staff to focus on more pressing needs for your business.

Contact us today for a quote, either by using the form below or by contacting an account executive at 800-628-7470.

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