Virtual Receptionist

Exceptional customer service, partnered with the latest technology means we work 24/7/365 to support your business and your clients at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist. We never take holidays, sick days, or miss work due to inclement weather–meaning you never miss a thing!
24/7 Live Answering Service Virtual ReceptionistOur virtual receptionists allow you to operate your business anywhere, at any time. We help you increase your productivity by working as your front office staff. We can answer your calls with your business name and by your specifications, allowing you to essentially never be ‘closed’.
Our virtual receptionists can assist in more than just taking messages, such as lead capturing, order processing, surveying and polling, appointment setting, and event registration. We also have voicemail options!
Our state of the art technology at BES allows us to Forward Calls in any many of ways: email, text, or live voice-to-voice transfer. The second a call comes in to an associate, they are able to access your account information and protocol programmed to your account, ensuring a quality product for you and your clients.
Email and text messaging are commonly used by our clients to receive their messages. These can also be encrypted using our Secure Messaging feature, which is a great solution for any clients who may receive confidential information in their messages. This feature is fully HIPAA compliant, and is a great tool for our medical clients. It is also commonly used by small businesses which receive orders containing credit card and other sensitive information.

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