Urgent Call Handling

Don’t worry about urgent issues that may come up after hours! We have you covered! Here at BES, we understand that urgent calls require a quick response. By setting up an urgent call protocol with our account executives, you can rest easy knowing a protocol is in place so your urgent calls are handled efficiently. During your account set up, we will work with you to determine what defines an urgent call and how you would like our associates to respond.
Urgent Call HandlingOne size does not fit all! Many of our clients–whether they are medical professionals, contractors, or small businesses–need to be available to field urgent calls from their clients. Since every account at BES is customizable, protocols can be customized to your account’s needs guaranteeing you never miss an important call.
The client is always right! You determine how we respond, and set up the rules for how calls are routed in urgent situations. Even if your physical office is closed, BES can act as your Virtual Receptionist allowing you to remain open 24/7.
Our state of the art technology at BES allows us to Forward Calls in any many of ways: email, text, or live voice-to-voice transfer. The second a call comes in to an associate, they are able to access your account information and protocol programmed to your account, ensuring a quality product for you and your clients.
Email and text messaging are commonly used by our clients to receive their messages. These can also be encrypted using our Secure Messaging feature, which is a great solution for any clients who may receive confidential information in their messages. This feature is fully HIPAA compliant, and is a great tool for our medical clients. It is also commonly used by small businesses which receive orders containing credit card and other sensitive information.

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