Call Routing and Transfer

We will partner with you to determine how you would like your calls routed and transferred by our Virtual Receptionists to you. We understand that some clients or types of calls may be of an urgent nature to your business, and should not wait to be received by you or your staff.
Call Routing and Transfer
When needed, we have a variety of options to transfer calls directly to you: via text, email, or voice-to-voice transfer.
Voice-to-voice transfer works by placing a caller on hold, calling you or members of your staff, and then connecting the call to you once you have confirmed with one of our virtual receptionists you are available for the call. We can work with you to determine the correct call routing protocol to suit your business needs, for any hour of the day.
Email and text messaging are commonly used by our clients to receive their messages. These can also be encrypted using our Secure Messaging feature, which is a great solution for any clients who may receive confidential information in their messages. This feature is fully HIPAA compliant, and is a great tool for our medical clients. It is also commonly used by small businesses which receive orders containing credit card and other sensitive information.
Bu allowing you to determine which calls need special attention, you can ensure that you don’t miss anything with our Urgent Call Handling protocol. These protocols can be changed as you like, allowing you the flexibility to change as your business changes.

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