Call Forwarding

Many customers who reach an automated system at a business will do less business with the company. By using BES and having a virtual receptionist answer the phone 24/7, callers will be more likely to leave a message and become new clients of your business.
By using our Virtual Receptionist services, your office hours can be extended to encompass all times, including after hours, weekends, and holidays. Our associates will answer your calls and interact with your clients based on your preferences, meaning you will never miss a call. This allows you to leave the office and know your calls will be answered 24/7 by friendly, professional, and responsive staff trained to help your clients.
How you forward your phones to our team depends on your business and your preferences. The four most common ways that businesses prefer to forward their phones are:
Standard CalLive Answering Service Call Forwardingl Forwarding: After enabling this call forwarding, all calls will immediately forward to the answering service.
Busy Call Forwarding: With this type of forwarding, your calls are forwarded to the answering service only when your line is busy.
No Answer Call Forwarding: With this type of forwarding, your calls are generally forwarded after 3-4 rings, or at a fixed number of rings you specify with your telephone service provider. To ensure your calls are answered quickly, we recommend setting the amount of rings no higher than 3-4.
Scheduled Call Forwarding: A feature many telephone service providers offer is allowing you to schedule when you would like calls to be forwarded to BES based on the time of day, busy tones, amount of rings to your office, or other conditions. An example would be to have your phones forward every night automatically at 5:00 PM and then unforward at 9:00 AM the next business day. We encourage you to check with your telephone provider for options in your area.

To further explore your options, please contact us today for a quote, either by using the form below. You can also call to speak with an account executive at 800-628-7470.

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