Lead Capture

Lead CaptureUsing a live answering service for your inbound calls and emails are the easiest way to generate leads. Since these people have taken the time to contact your business, you know they are interested in your services! Much of your job is done for you. BES associates are trained to turn callers into qualified leads. Our virtual receptionists always greet your clients with a friendly and professional tone, ensuring your callers are happy from the start and helping you win new customers.
Whether your goal is lead qualification, in which our associates gather contact information at your request, or lead management, in which qualified leads are sent to staff at your business for follow up, our staff at BES is trained to help your business grow.
Our staff can manage inbound and outbound calls on behalf of your business, as well as input leads into your web-based interface. We can also send you leads by email, text, pager, or call transfer–it is really customizable to suit your needs!

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