BES has been in business since 1972. Over the last several decades, our answering service has worked on behalf of businesses in many  industries, offering many features and services to enhance their answering service experience. Some of our most popular services include:
live answering service servicesAppointment Setting: We use cloud based appointment scheduling software to ensure that even when you are on the move we can help you manage your busy schedule!
Event Registration: We will use your website to register your clients for your events, ensuring no double entry is needed!
IntelliSite: Our IntelliSite feature is a cloud-based application that allows our clients online access to their accounts 24/7! You can log on anywhere, whether at your office or on the go!
Lead Capture: Inbound calls and emails are the easiest way to generate leads. Since these people have taken the time to contact you, you know they are interested in your services; much of your job is done for you!
Order Processing: We will use your website to place your orders, ensuring no double entry is required! This allows your orders to go directly to CRM.
live answering service professional servicesSecure Messaging: Our email and text message encryption services means your office can maintain HIPAA compliance while still utilizing the latest technology. This guarantees quick message delivery while not compromising reliability or integrity of your messages.
Surveying & Polling: Our associates are trained to handle inbound and outbound surveys and polls. By choosing BES, you can rest assured your goals are met from the start!
Voicemail: Your voicemails can be accessed either by calling and logging into your voicemail services or you have the option to have voice recordings emailed to you as .mp3 files!
24/7 Live Answering Service: All of our plans include 24/7 live answering of your calls from a toll-free number we provide to you. We then dispatch your calls and messages according to your desire by fax, email, text, or via our IntelliSite system allow you real-time access to your account with us 24/7!

For more information or a quote, contact us today either using the form below, or contact an account executive at 800-628-7470.

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