Small Businesses

We know how tough it is to get a small business up and running in today’s economy. Our customer service team can act as your virtual receptionist, allowing you to save time and money while allowing you to focus on what you love–your business.
Live Answering Service Small Business Virtual ReceptionistBeyond just answering the phone, our team can place orders for your business, provide customer support, and capture leads to assist you in winning more sales with a better conversion rate. Allowing your customers to connect with a live person means an increase in sales, a reduction in shopping cart abandonment, and an increase in return customers. We believe that no matter the size of the business, all of our clients deserve quality customer service that will enable them to expand their business.
We know that many people who own small businesses take on many tasks, and cannot always be there to answer the phone. BES allows our small business clients to leave the office and know that they will not miss a call. We provide a number of services to meet your growing needs, such as:
Our experienced virtual receptionists will answer each call quickly and professionally using your company’s name. We are suited to handle all of your requests, and send your messages by text, fax, or email–whichever you prefer–to ensure you are always at the top of your game.

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