Professional Services

BES has partnered with various professional agencies as their virtual receptionist, at a fraction of the price of having a full-time receptionist. Lower your costs and provide 24/7 emergency support to your clients through our comprehensive services!
professional services legal live answering serviceLegal: Whether your practice is focused on corporate, criminal, family, or personal injury law, you can limit administrative costs while maintaining around the clock access for your clients. Our team is trained to field your calls and we guarantee that your important calls will be dispatched appropriately, meaning you never miss an urgent call when you are away from your office.
Insurance: From directing claims calls to the proper departments to fielding emergency after hours calls to you staff, we can help your business grow by creating a positive customer service experience for you clients even when they are facing the unexpected. We will also help your company grow by eliciting basic information from potential clients 24/7, allowing you to gain new clients even when you are away!
Accounting and Tax Counseling: We know that tax season can be hectic for both you and your clients! Let us help take some of the stress away. We can answer your calls, schedule your appointments, and ensure your clients have a great experience with your company from the start.
professional services live answering serviceReal Estate: Whether your business is focused on development and investment or brokerage and sales, our 24/7 customer service team is here to help you with telephone, email, and web support, allowing you to keep your business open even when you are closed.
Property Management: Routing requests from tenants is a full time job itself, never mind also finding new clients! We have experience fielding property management calls and requests, and can dispatch repair personnel and potential new clients to you 24/7.
Investment: Our team can help you with your marketing campaigns and help you retain current clients by ensuring your calls are handled quickly. This allows you the confidence to expand your business.

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