Live Answering Service Healthcare Medical Physician DoctorBES has many solutions and features to aid businesses in the healthcare industry seeking a medical answering service.
HIPAA Compliance: We train our operators extensively about HIPAA protocols, and our Secure Messaging services ensure we maintain HIPAA compliance while still utilizing new technologies for your convenience.
IntelliSite: Online client access to your messages and on call schedule means you can make changes quickly and in real time, ensuring your calls are always handled quickly and effectively. Online access to your messages allows you to retrieve your messages even when you are away from the office, increasing your productivity and client satisfaction.
Secure Messaging: Our email and text message encryption services allows your office to maintain HIPAA compliance while still utilizing the latest technology. This guarantees quick message delivery and convenience while not compromising reliability or the integrity of your messages.
Live Answering Service Medical Supplies Healthcare Medicine Home NursingMedical Offices: Reduce office costs and increase patient satisfaction through our comprehensive services that ensure your patients always receive the utmost attention and care they need through a medical answering service.
Dental Offices: Lower your administrative expenses, retain patients, and win new patients for your practice through attentive after hours care and support.
Medical Supplies: Increase sales and order size while ensuring that after hours emergencies are handled promptly through our dedicated customer service team.
Chiropractic Services: Decrease office costs, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, and gain new clients, even when you are not in the office.
Massage Therapy & Acupuncture: Cloud-based online scheduling ensure you never miss an appointment, and your patients never have to wait to schedule, increasing both the business and customer satisfaction for your practice.
Mental Health: Never miss an urgent call and know that your patient’s calls will be handled with respect and care even when you are away from your office.

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