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Live answering Service Marketing Media LeadsNo matter the form of your direct marketing, BES can help your business grow! The ability to respond to client needs quickly is imperative to a growing business. Waiting until the next business day to receive calls or emails may result in the loss of a potential client. We can help by making sure that you receive all of your calls and emails immediately, helping you increase productivity and retention.
Excellent customer service is our primary goal. We will act on behalf of your company to make sure every client is handled by a team of friendly and responsive operators to your specifications. Your protocols can be changed at a moment’s notice, allowing your company to adapt as needed to changing times, such as new marketing campaigns.
Whether your direct marketing focus is lead generation, legal marketing, 24/7 inbound call response, direct response, email, online marketing, fliers, or radio & television campaigns, we can work with you to improve your sales. By taking on some of the responsibility of your sales staff, we can free up their time to focus on the more involved parts of your company’s sales needs.

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