How Do I Set Up Secure Messaging?

These instructions will help you locate the Secure Messaging App and install it on your phone.
  1. Live Answering Service Secure Messaging HIPAA ComplianceFirst, download the Startel Secure Messaging App from your phone’s appstore to use this feature.
  2. When opening, select the ‘New User’ option.
  3. Enter in a password of your choosing that is 6 characters long. It will then ask you to re-type this password to confirm it.
  4. We will provide a Registration ID that you will need to enter in the app on your device in order to connect your device to our Startel Aggregator. After entering the Registration ID, click on ‘Register Device’.
  5. You may choose to add a PIN lock. This can be established in settings on your phone (if you are a Blackberry user, this is called a passcode).
  6. Once your device is registered, you will remain connected to the server unless you log out. This is only necessary if you change your phone number or the email address you registered with us.
  7. To log back in after logging out, chose the ‘I am already a Secure Messaging User’ option in the opening screen, and enter your Login ID and password. The Registration ID will not be required. If you have forgotten your password, please call an Account Executive at 800-628-7470 so we can assist you in resetting it.