Live Answering Service Insurance ServiceFrom directing claims calls to the proper departments to fielding emergency after hours claims calls to your staff, we can help your business grow! Our virtual receptionists can create a positive customer experience for your clients, even when they are facing an unexpected, and often stressful, situation. We will also help your company grow by eliciting basic information from potential clients 24/7, allowing you to gain new clients even when you are away from your office.
Our IntelliSite feature can be utilized by your office staff to retrieve your office messages taken by our staff in real time without needing to call BES to retrieve your messages. Online access to your on call schedule enables you to make changes quickly in real-time. You can access this system from any computer or personal device, allowing you to increase your productivity and client satisfaction!
Our Secure Messaging feature is utilized by many of our clients in various professional industries who handle their client’s private information! Encryption of email and text messages means your office can maintain confidentiality and HIPAA compliance while still utilizing the latest technology. This guarantees quick message delivery and convenience while not compromising the reliability or integrity of your messages.

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